Somaliland Attorney General’s Office and EUCAP host Maritime Legislation workshop in Berbera

From April 10 to 12 2017 EUCAP partnered with the Somaliland Attorney General’s Office to host a Maritime Legislation workshop in Berbera that was attended by the Chief of Justice Office, Police and Coast Guard.

Thirty-five participants across all of Somaliland including four women participated in the workshop.

Attorney General, Hassan Aden, Acting Head of the EUCAP Field Office Hargeisa and Legal Adviser, Tiberius Ilie Moldovan and EUCAP Police Adviser, Reiner Timmerbeil, chaired the event. The workshop aimed at enhancing the cooperation and networking between Somaliland Prosecutors, Courts, Police and Coast Guard.

Over the three-day gathering some of the topics covered included legislation and prosecution in maritime related cases, maritime jurisdiction and pollution, illegal fishing, piracy, investigation of maritime cases, evidence handling, cooperation between maritime authorities, police and prosecutors.

Lively discussions were held where participants shared their experiences.